V4SDB: 3rd Meeting of Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology

8. - 10. September 2023, Warsaw, Poland

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Hindbrain Choroid Plexus Using X-ray Micro-Computed Tomography


TECHNART 2023 - International conference on analytical techniques in art and cultural heritage

7 - 12 May 2023, Lisbon, Portugal



ICTMS 2022 – 5th Conference on Tomography of Materials & Structures

27th June - 1st July 2022, Grenoble, France

Thermal-induced changes of organic temper in archaeological ceramics visualisation with helical trajectory and high-quality X-ray CT

iCT 2022 – 11th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

8 - 11 February 2022, Wels, Austria

Comparison of two different approaches for Spatial
Resolution determination for X-ray Computed Tomography with helical scanning trajectory

iCT 2022 – 11th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

8 - 11 February 2022, Wels, Austria

Effect of detector in-plane rotation misalignment on dimensional measurements using helical CT acquisition

ADOCHS (Auditing Digitalization Outputs in the Cultural Heritage Sector) 

14 September 2021, Online

Nano-CT for painted micro-samples: From preparation to Interdisciplinary Data correlation

iCT 2020 – 10th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

4 – 7 February 2020, Wels, Austria

3D spatial resolution evaluation for helical CT according to ASTM E1695 – 95

iCT 2020 – 10th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

4 – 7 February 2020, Wels, Austria

Voxel Size Calibration for High-resolution CT

ICVM – International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology

21 – 25 July 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Bone pedicle development and their association to tooth germ in acrodont chameleons

9th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

13 – 15 February 2019, Padova, Italy

CCD and scientific-CMOS detectors for submicron laboratory- based X-ray Computed Tomography

Voxel size and calibration for CT measurements with a small field of view

XTOP 2018 – 14th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging

2 – 7 September 2018, Bari, Italy

X-ray computed tomography for quantitative analysis of 3D cells distribution in cartilage for studying development in vertebrates

XRM2018: 14th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy

19 – 24 August 2018, Saskatoon, Canada

Correlation of X-ray computed nanotomography and scanning electron microscopy imaging of collagen scaffolds

12th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing

18 – 20 July 2018, Madrid, Spain

Denoising approach for high-resolution computed tomography data

NPL's 3rd Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography Conference

2 - 3 July 2018, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Determination of measurement uncertainties of holes in steel components by X-ray computed tomography​

BSDB Spring Meeting

15 -18 April 2018, Warwick, United Kingdom

3D analysis of mouse embryo by X-ray computed tomography

ICXOM24 – 24th International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis

25 – 29 September 2017, Trieste, Italy

Phase-contrast 3D imaging of fibrereinforced polymers: comparison of laboratory and synchrotron X-ray sources

Konference konzervátorů-restaurátorů

19 – 21 September 2017, Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Využití rentgenové počítačové tomografie v oblasti konzervování-restaurování

XVII. Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists and Chemists

30 May – 1 June 2017, Milovy, Czech Republic

Determination of porosity from tomographic data of hydroxyapatite scaffold-like structures

The use of micro and nano computed tomography for imaging soft tissues in embryos


20 – 21 May 2017, Brno, Czech Republic

Micro computed tomography imaging of mouse embryo

CEITEC PhD retreat

20 – 21 May 2017, Telč, Czech Republic

X-ray computed tomography for inspection of inner structure of materials

7th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

7 – 9 February 2017, Leuven, Belgium

Segmentation of multi-phase object applying trainable segmentation

CECE 2016: 13th International Interdisciplinary Meeting on Bioanalysis

17– 19 October 2016, Brno, Czech Republic

A comparison of X-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of mouse brain

35th International geological congress

27 August – 4 September 2016, Republic of South Africa

Investigation of potential of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for detection of spatial deposition and μCT for volume deposition of critical metals in minerals/ores

XTOP 2016 – 13th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging

4 – 8 September 2016, Brno, Czech Republic

Phase contrast tomographic imaging of polymer composites

Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

10 – 12 February 2016, Wells, Austria

Industrial tomography system for answering biological issues: development of the mouse embryo face

Creating life in 3D

2 – 4 September 2015, Brno, Czech Republic

Segmentation and 3D imaging of cartilage tissues

International Symposium on Digital Industrial Radiology and Computed Tomography

22 – 25 June 2015, Gent, Belgium

Non-destructive lock-picking

Frontiers in Material and Life Science

21 – 24 October 2014, Brno, Czech Republic

High contrast 3D imaging, Biological tissues: embryos