CTLAB sponsors TU Brno Racing


Our laboratory sponsors BUT students team TU Brno Racing for many years. The team presented a new model of the student formula, already the fourth electric single-seater …
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Newsletter Spring 2024


​Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Spring 2024 here.
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Foreign scientists will use our facilities


Starting from April 1st, 2024, the CT laboratory together with the LIBS laboratory has become a part of the EXCITE2 Network. This European infrastructure dedicated to advancing research and…
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Nordic LIBS 2024


Our Research Group Leader Prof. Jozef Kaiser and Assoc. Prof. Pavel Pořízka were speakers at Nordic LIBS 2024 Symposium in Finland, last week. Goal was to bring together…
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Czech Battery Cluster


Our laboratory is a member of the Czech Battery Cluster, which aims to ensure a partnership between the public and private sectors, supporting the cooperation of private companies, the research…
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iCT Conference 2024


At the beginning of February, the 13th Industrial Computed Tomography Conference was held in Wels, Austria. CTLAB CEITEC was represented by a group of PhD students with Tomas Zikmund…
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Scientific mission to Canada and the USA


The January scientific mission to Canada and the USA was successfully launched at the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, where the executive director of WIN, prof. Sushanta Mitra, announced the…
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024 to all fans of computed tomography.Watch our Chrismas videos below:Box titleHere is place for your content.Box titleHere is place for your content.Box…
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Newsletter Autumn 2023


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Autumn 2023 here.
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Researchers Night


Last Friday, we opened the door of our CT laboratory for European Researchers Night! A big thank to all …
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Researchers Night 2023


What is hidden inside things?As part of the nation-wide Reseachers Night 2023, we would like to cordially invite you to CEITEC VUT, where you can tour the laboratories and discover mysterious…
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Innovative methodology for objective evaluation of vertebral fusion success


Our researcher Ing. Jakub Lázňovský is developing software that could one day help doctors and works on CT image processing. In one of his recent publications in the scientific journal Computers in…
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Physics of detection and detectors course


CTLAB organize the student course dealing with Physics of detection and detectors. Course starts 4th September 2023.We are pleased to announce that experts will be speaking as part of the…
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New method will help to better identify microplastics in the body


Our student's method will help to better identify microplastics in the body. In Viktória Parobková research, she is looking into the possibility of detecting microplastics in the human body…
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The Rigaku Application Laboratory at CEITEC BUT expanded its activities in the…


As part of the long-term cooperation with the Japanese company Rigaku Corporation and its European branch Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe in 2015, we already became an application laboratory…
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Newsletter Spring 2023


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Spring 2023 here.
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Werner von Siemens Award for Markéta Tesařová


Award for the excellent quality of female scientific work and at the same time the Werner von Siemens Award for third place in the Best Dissertation category went to our colleague Ing. Markéta…
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New method to preserve researched microsamples of cultural heritage


Our Ph.D. student Victory Jaques has developed a method to preserve researched microsamples of cultural heritage. Read her interesting story in this link.
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Unique Industrial Computed Tomography System Tested on Jetsurf


Our CT laboratory tested a unique industrial computed tomography system Phoenix Power|scan HE CT on the motorized Jetsurf surfboard. With its length of almost 2 meters and carbon…
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Merry Christmas from CTLAB!


Merry Christmas 2022 from CTLAB! Karolínka is back and this time she brought her friends to help her. What did they discover in their Christmas gifts you can find out in the video.
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New paper about salamander limb regeneration


After 7 years of work, our paper on skeletal growth during salamander limb development and regeneration is finally out. MicroCT was an important part of the multidisciplinary research that shows that…
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Interview CEITEC „Researchers are discovering the hidden possibilities of…


Read the latest interview with our Research group leader, prof. Jozef Kaiser and Dr. Markéta Tesařová, who talk about our history and our laboratory achievements.You can read the…
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3D models of reptile scull


The journal GigaScience has published an article titled „X-ray microtomography imaging of craniofacial hard tissues in selected reptile species with different types of dentition“, on which…
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Newsletter Autumn 2022


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Autumn 2022 here.
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An article of analysis of the nail that might have been used to nail Jesus…


Last week was published on the webside Aktuálně.cz an article, about a holy nail, that we have X-rayed in the past. The forged nail was found by archaeologists in 2020 in a secret passageway of…
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Interview with scientist and our former student Dominika Nožičková


As part of her PhD in our lab, she worked on the development of a data processing algorithm. The results of her work were applied by an international giant in the field of X-ray technology, Rigaku, a…
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Our scientist has created 3D models of a rare cave salamander


Our scientist Markéta Tesařová used X-ray computed microtomography to create a virtual 3D atlas of the cave salamander, which will serve for further research of this rare amphibian.​The cave…
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New article: „Resolving complex cartilage structures in developmental biology…


Analysis of X-ray computed tomography images in developmental biology still heavily relies on manual user input. The 3-D morphology is usually analysed by outlining the biological structures of…
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New laboratories introduction


As part of the Open Laboratory Day for industrial partners, we held the approval of our new CT laboratories. The collation took place as a result of the removal of our largest CT machine…
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CTLAB attended the unveiling ceremony of new BUT student formula – DRAGON E2


BUT student team TU Brno Racing, which for several years has been sponsored by our laboratory, introduced a new model of student formula. In collaboration with the team, we are involved in the…
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CTLAB celebrates 10 years!


The history of the CT laboratory begins in 2010 following the building of the research institution CEITEC BUT in Brno, within which funds were invested into new technologies. Prof. Jozef Kaiser's…
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New article: „Surface flow for colonial integration in reef-building corals“


We have a new article in the Current Biology journal. You can read it here and you can watch the video we have processed.​Figure: Beads cleared from the surface of corals despite the…
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Newsletter Spring 2022


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Spring 2022 here.
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New article: „Living in darkness: Exploring adaptation of Proteus anguinus in 3…


We are pleased to announce that today the journal GigaScience has published an article titled "Living in darkness: Exploring adaptation of Proteus anguinus in 3 dimensions by X-ray imaging" on which…
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CTLAB participated at the InterBattery 2022 Seoul


CTLAB is also dedicated to battery inspection and for this reason we participated at the InterBattery 2022 Seoul (17th - 19th March 2022) on behalf of the Czech Invest agency.
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CTLAB analyzed the helmet of Czech skeletonist Anna Fernstädtová


In cooperation with VAGUS and One3D, CTLAB analyzed the Kevlar helmet tailored to a Czech skeletonist Anna Fernstädtová and checked whether all segments of the structure are correctly connected and…
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New CT laboratory


Our largest CT device GE phoenix v | tome | x L240, which was located at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FSI), was moved to a new laboratory at CEITEC BUT. This was due to the planned…
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Images from our recent publication on the cover page of Journal of Bone and…


The publication „Loss of Sprouty Produces a Ciliopathic Skeletal Phenotype in Mice Through Upregulation of Hedgehog Signaling“ originated from our long term cooperation with research group of doc.…
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Newsletter Autumn 2021


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Autumn 2021 here.
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CTLAB participated in the unveiling ceremonial of new BUT student formulas


Our laboratory has been sponsoring the TU Brno Racing, student team for several years, which develops a new model of the student formula every year. In cooperation with the team, we participate…
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State of the art software solution that predicts and prevents system events in…


Ensure safe and reliable operation of the system with minimal downtime? Know the problem before it occurs? Researchers from the Laboratory of Computed Tomography at CEITEC…
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CTLAB tests new AI based on Waygate Technologies’ InspectionWorks service system


CTLAB installed its first CT system from Waygate Technologies (formerly GE Inspection Technologies) in 2012. Since then, we have continued to strengthen our partnership, particularly by testing new…
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Newsletter Spring 2021


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Spring 2021 here.
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Tomas Zikmund has won internal competition at CEITEC BUT


Our laboratory leader Ing. Tomáš Zikmund, Ph.D. has won the internal competition at CEITEC BUT in Supporting pedagogical work of academic staff. Profiling and innovation of study programs at the…
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Newsletter Autumn 2020


Information about the latest CT news can be found in the Newsletter Autumn 2020 here.
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CEITEC Innovation Entrepreneurship Award 2020


Every year, dozens of new discoveries and results of research activities are created at CEITEC BUT. The internal Innovation Entrepreneurship Award aims to identify and support these projects with a…
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New technological project LINACTON


We would like to introduce you our new technological project called . is high energy CT focused on large scale and heavy samples in industry. New platform of industrial non-destructive testing…
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Our stage published at


Read the latest news about XY Translation Stage at is the prestigious magazine which provides global news from the metrology industry around the world. It showcases new…
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Newsletter spring 2020


Information about latest news in our laboratory can be found in the Newsletter spring 2020 here.
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ICT Conference 2020


   Four members of our laboratory team attended ICT 2020 Conference. The 10th Conference focused on Industrial Computed Tomography. This event took place on premises of the University…
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CT lab is a sponsor of TU Brno Racing Team


Our laboratory sponsors TU Brno Racing student team which annually developes a new monopost of the student formula. With their latest model Dragon 9, the team defeated more than 600 other…
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Avizo training


From 27th to 29th of January 2020, our students Adam Břínek, Jan Matula, Jakub Lázňovský and Markéta Boudová attended a training for software Thermo Fisher Scientific Avizo. During this…
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Award of Josef Hlávka


One of our Ph.D. students, Ing. Dominika Kalasová, has been awarded with Price of Josef Hlávka for talented students in bachelor, master and doctoral studies, who proved to have excelent qualities…
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We offer manipulator developed for CT users


Our laboratory has developed a new unique xy motorized sample stage for µCT stations which provides quick and easy sample mounting and motorized movement. It is developed to make…
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3D PDF as a tool for interactive and intuitive imaging


Data sharing of big 3D data between industrial partners or research groups is often complicated. It usually requires specialised software and big computing capacity. Researchers from our laboratory…
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School on Synchrotron Radiation


From 16th to 27th of September 2019 our students Jiří Víteček and Jan Matula attended the 15th edition of the School on Synchrotron Radiation: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications held in Trieste,…
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Certificated analyses in conformity with automotive standards


Our laboratory fulfills requirements of the newest standard IATF 16949:2016 (Automotive quality management standard) for external laboratories of automotive companies. The standard defines…
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New expertise for electronic devices


Our portfolio of non-destructive testing expertizes  has newly expanded by digital radiography (X-ray imaging). This extension is a result of a long-term cooperation with PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o.…
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Joint AVIZO software development with Thermo Fisher Scientific


Our laboratory was able to establish cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific exactly with FEI SAS and the Konrad-Zuse Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB). The cooperation is based on a…
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ICTMS 2019 conference


Between 22.–26. 7. 2019, the student Dominika Kalasová represented our laboratory at International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures (ICTMS) in Cairns in Australia. She had a…
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Combined analysis of a processor in cooperation with TESCAN company


A joint project called ‘In-depth Analysis of 10 nm Exynos Processor using Micro CT and FIB-SEM System’ with TESCAN company was presented at the IPFA conference (26th IEEE International Symposium on…
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GE workshop


On 28 - 29 May 2019, our laboratory organised the first GE workshop for non-destructive testing in the automotive industry. This was a unique event in the Czech Republic. By organizing this event, GE…
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New publication: CT based procedure for reproducible porosity measurement


Metallic parts made by selective laser melting technology or other techniques are frequently evaluated for their internal porosity. The non-standardized pores segmentation is one of the key aspects…
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Scientists from Institute Pasteur and CEITEC BUT revealed morphogenetic…


Due to the complex morphogenesis, development of neck muscles and connective tissues at vertebrates have remained poorly defined. Biologists from Institut Pasteur together with scientists from our…
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iCT 2019 Conference, Padova (Italy)


The iCT 2019 (9th International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography) was held in the Italian city of Padova in February, 13-15, and was organised by the University of Padova and University…
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The 3D imaging of cell using Rigaku Nano3DX


Our new publication in Journal of Microscopy is foccused on 3D imaging of mesenchymal stem cells on porous scaffolds using Rigaku Nano3DX with a voxel resolution 540 nm. To evaluate the potential of…
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Newsletter autumn 2018


Information about latest news in our laboratory can be found in the Newsletter for Autumn 2018 here. 
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Our laboratory in Czech TV (only in Czech language)


At the beginning of October, Czech Television was creating an episode of a series of broadcasts on science and scientists. The aim of this project is to popularize different disciplines and to…
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X-ray CT training course (in Czech language)


We cordially invite you to one-day X-ray Computed Tomography Training Course organized by the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) in cooperation with the Laboratory of X-ray Computed Tomography  …
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Our new article in Scientific Reports


It is generally known that if the salamander loses its limb, it will be renewed. The regeneration capability of salamanders and other amphibians was described long time ago. But, what is not known is…
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Conference talk award


The Visegrad Group Society for Developmental Biology: Inaugural Meeting ( was held last week in Brno. It was co-organized by our long-time cooperator Assoc.…
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3D printing of mouse embryo


In our laboratory we try to make our results as clear as possible for our cooperators – developmental biologists. From this reason recently we have prepared and realized 3D printing of whole mouse…
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Our new publication in eLife


Our laboratory has been collaborating with a Swedish group of developmental biologists since 2012 and our together research is focused on an explanation of the facial formation mechanism in…
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Newsletter Spring 2018


Information about latest news in our laboratory can be found in the Newsletter for Spring 2018 here.
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I am interested in transferring industrial methods to biology, says our student…


Our student Markéta Tesařová who has been investigated the utilization of microCT in developmental biology in the scope of her diploma thesis, has recently won the Best Poster Award at the…
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New tomographic station HeliScan


Within the long-term cooperation with company Thermo Fisher Scientific in a field of computed tomography, the unique microCT system Heliscan was provided to our laboratory. This system has been…
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Publication in Construction and building materials journal


In cooperation with research centre AdMaS (Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies) and Tescan company, we published a study “Characterization of inner structure of limestone by X-ray…
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Special guest in our CT laboratory


In the past days our CT laboratory at the CEITEC BUT was visited by Professor Joy Richman from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Prof. Richman is a significant biologist who has long been…
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iCT conference


8th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography is held in Wels, Austria this week (6th-9th February 2018). The conference is organised by the research group “Computed…
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Excellent achievement in world competition


Team of student formula TU Brno Racing, who cooperates with CT laboratory on development of components for hanging wheels, has achieved an excellent result in “unofficial world championship” – race…
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Modernization of nanoCT station


Nanotomographic device RIGAKU Nano3DX has been recently upgraded with detector based on ​sCMOS chip and new control and visualization software. The detector has dimensions of 2048 × 2048 px2 and…
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Article in Czech journal "Tyden"


You can read article in CZ only:
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Donation agreement with RIGAKU


Director of the Central European Institute of Technology prof. Radimir Vrba and Director of X-ray Research Laboratory, Dr. Kazuhiko Omote, signed a donation agreement to cover the cost of study stay…
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Collaboration on the development of a new model of student formula


A team of students at TU Brno Racing at the Brno University of Technology on April 28 introduced a new student formulas, which during the summer plans to complete international competitions within…
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Publication in a prestigious journal eLife


Scientists from CEITEC BUT, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, contributed to the explanation of the mechanisms responsible for face formation in vertebratesWith their expertise in X-ray…
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Training school for reconstruction toolbox ASTRA


The members of our lab attended training school for reconstruction toolbox ASTRA held in Antwerp (Belgium) from 5 to 7 April 2017. It was organized by research lab called Vision Lab whose members are…
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Presentation of CT Laboratories in the Plastics Cluster


Members of the Plastics Cluster have demonstrated the potential of a new nanotomographic system (Rigaku Nano3DX) for inspecting the composite internal structure, distributing glass / carbon fibers in…
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Publication in a prestigious journal FASEB


In cooperation with scientists from Karolinska institutet in Sweeden we participated in research project concerning characterization of superficial cells of articular cartilage. By means of molecular…
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Accreditation of CT laboratory


In cooperation with the Czech Metrology Institute, the CT laboratory at CEITEC BUT was accredited according to standards CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the Czech Accreditation Institute. The testing…
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Visit of Japanese delegation


At the end of the last month, representatives of ​Japaneese company RIGAKU, who annualy come to the common application laboratory to exchange experience with tomographic measurement on nanoCT station…
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Study stay of a student from the laboratory on the Elettra synchrotron


A student from the CT lab will spend 6 months on a study trip at the Elettra synchrotron within the framework of the Erasmus + Education Program of the European Union.
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A visit from the Elettra synchrotron


Dne 23.1.2015 přijela návštěva ze synchrotronu Elettra z italského města Terst, se kterým má laboratoř úzkou spolupráci. Návštěva byla obeznámena s novým nanotomografickým přístrojem…
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Opening of CEITEC BUT


Science centrum CEITEC BUT has been opened for full operation. More information can be found here.
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Expansion of laboratory equipment


The laboratory is expanding the laboratory equipment in 2015 by GE phoenix vtome | x m, which is equipped with an X-ray tube with a 300 kV accelerating voltage. That's, even more, power that will…
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Measurement at Elletra synchrotron


In half of March we carried out tomographic measurement of collagen biomaterials via synchrotron radiation.Results will allow detailed morphological charasteristic of material structure considering…
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iCT Conference 2016


We are going to give a short talk and present a poster at the Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, which is held from 9th to 12th of February 2016 in Wels, Austria
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Training on MAVI software


On 13 November 2015, the micro-CT lab held an one-day training on MAVI software (Modular Algorithms for Volume Images), which was recently purchased from the German research organization Fraunhofer…
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New nano CT - Unique installation of devices in Europe


On October 8, the new Rigaku nano3DX CT device was installed, which is unique in high resolution. This is the first installation of this device in Europe. Due to the resolution of units of several…
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International Engineering Fair 2014 (MSV 2014)


Výrobce tomografických přístrojů GE, zde představil tomografický přístroj GE phoenix v|tome|x c, který je vybaven vysoce výkonnou rentgenovou trubicí 450 kV. Tento systém je speciálně navržen pro…
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Synchrotron Elettra (Terst, Itálie)


Naše laboratoř úzce spolupracuje se synchrotronem Elettra na vývoji pokročilých technik počítačové tomografie.Počítačová tomografie založená na synchrotronovém zařízení je v dnešní době pro uživatele…
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Visit to the European Non-destructive Testing Conference (ECNDT)


Visit of the 11th European Non-destructive Testing Conference of ECNDT (6-10 October in Prague).This is one of the most important four-year international conferences, including a large lecture block…
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Cheb inlays


Cheb embossed intarsia is one of the most important artistic techniques used in Baroque furniture production. The origin of intarsia (an image created by folding and gluing veneers of different…
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Fly in resin


Our CT Laboratory have been able to show a few million years old flies. The fly already represents only the amber cavity in which it once stood. Thanks to computer tomography, this footprint could be…
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Special guest in our CT laboratory


In the past days our CT laboratory at the CEITEC BUT was visited by Professor Joy Richman from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Prof. Richman is a significant biologist who has long been…
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