Scientists from Institute Pasteur and CEITEC BUT revealed morphogenetic signatures defining mammalian neck muscles

Due to the complex morphogenesis, development of neck muscles and connective tissues at vertebrates have remained poorly defined. Biologists from Institut Pasteur together with scientists from our laboratory have been working on this topic for the last three years. They were using a combination of complementary genetically modified mice and 3D analysis by X-ray computed tomography that identified muscles in the context of their bone attachments. They provided a detailed map of neck tissue morphogenesis and revealed some unexpected features regarding the muscle and connective tissue network. The results of this study were published in the eLife journal. Besides the unveiling of the role of particular mesodermal origins, the publication contains interactive 3D PDF files of examined samples. These interactive documents allow readers to understand the complexity of muscles development in a user-friendly way.

The whole article is available here: