iCT 2019 Conference, Padova (Italy)

The iCT 2019 (9th International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography) was held in the Italian city of Padova in February, 13-15, and was organised by the University of Padova and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. This year, our laboratory participated this conference with 4 contributions: 2 oral presentations („Helical XCT measurement for correlative imaging" and „Use of the industrial X-ray computed microtomography to address scientific questions in developmental biology") and 2 posters („Characterization and calibration of high resolution lab-based CT system with small field of view" and „CCD and scientific-CMOS detectors for submicron laboratory based X-ray Computed tomography"). The conference programme was divided into three days and covered areas of new methods and optimisation, algorithms and tomographic reconstruction, metrology, non-destructive testing, materials characterisation and manufacturing. During the conference, the companies had the chance to present their latest products of tomographic equipment or dedicated software, among those companies, were, e.g. Volume Graphics, Bruker, Avizo, Thermofisher Scientific, Tescan, Zeiss and others. Next year, the anniversary tenth year of this conference will be held in the Austrian city of Wels.